AIVEER is an Innovation driven Pharmaceutical company doing Research and Development, Manufacturing, Sales, Distribution and Marketing of Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals. Aiveer is witnessing a period of expansion across every aspect of our business from innovative products to customers in market, from manufacturing to regulatory approvals. Our highly experienced scientific and project management teams ensure:

Our Vision

To become a well-known pharmaceutical company, Most Admired for its reasonableness, excellence and convenience products. We trust we can bring huge difference in our society. Before each move we make, we general think about new ways, in order to convey genuine incentive to the healthcare industry and society.

Our Mission

AIVEER targets to provide affordable & best quality Pharmaceutical products over the world that cures diseases and make human live better. Our duty to business moral, decency, trustworthiness and straightforwardness is similarly imperative to us, as to making business progress. Toward the finish of every day, we need to be pleased for the objectives we have accompalished, as well as for the way we have accopalished them.

Our Team

Mr. Biswanath Biswas


Mr. Vicky Biswas

Managing Director

Mr. Raj Kishore Sahoo

Finance & Distribution Head

Dr. Mahesh Rath

Medical Advisor

Mrs. Juthika Biswas

Human Resource Head

Monalisa Satpathy

Product Manager

Mr. Ranadip Sengupta

Training Head

Rudra Prasad Sarkar

Regional Business Manager