AIVEER is an Innovation driven Pharmaceutical company doing Research and Development, Manufacturing, Sales, Distribution and Marketing of Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals. Aiveer is witnessing a period of expansion across every aspect of our business from innovative products to customers in market, from manufacturing to regulatory approvals. Our highly experienced scientific and project management teams ensure:
Promotion of healthy living and wellness and the prevention of ill health is the sole objective behind the foundation of Aiveer Medicos. With this objective Aiveer has come out with an array of wellness products by extensive research to meet the everyday needs of our society. In all products the raw materials are naturally sourced with the entire products going through rigorous testing process and meeting the industry standards for the best quality. We at Aiveer appreciate even the smallest achievement of each other and strive to bestow genuine incentive to the healthcare industry and society.

Mr. Vicky Biswas


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Do you know despite all the positive developments, India’s life expectancy is less than the world’s average lifespan of 72.81 years and also healthcare continues to be expensive for almost all Indian families. These are due to a variety of factors, including lifestyle choices, access to healthcare & most importantly we tend to focus on treatment rather than prevention.
Health does not merely mean absence of disease. It is a state of complete physical, mental, social well being and a resource for everyday life. A healthy lifestyle will give you the way to lead a full life with meaning & purpose..


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Our team is a collaboration of highly focused individuals with specialized expertise & skills working together to produce consistently superior results. As a team we respect, trust, care for each other and surrenderthe “Me” for the “We”.

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